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Benefit from differentiating market niche and offer

Benefit from differentiating market niche and offer

One of the reasons that professionals resist choosing a market niche is that they confuse niche and offer. Think of your market niche as the location or domain in which you make your offer. By contrast, your offer is who you are and what you do. Your niche is where and with whom you do it.

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Here's an example of differentiating market niche from offer based on my own coaching practice. 

My niche is working with independent professionals and artists to craft prosperous businesses or careers that fully align with their values, aspirations, and desired way of life. 

The offer that I am in this market niche distinguishes me from hundreds of other business coaches. As an offer, I am a gifted somatic coach, helping my clients embody success. I am an artist and a business owner myself, and my coaching springs from a deep personal engagement with the concerns that my clients bring to our work. 

The offer that I am also includes my spiritual beliefs and practices, my training as a singer, my skills as a writer