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A work from home business opportunity a fun week in the life of aproperty scout

A Work From Home business opportunity - A Fun Week In The Life Of A Property Scout

work from home business opportunity

A week in the life of a property scout can be as predictable, unpredictable, or as fun as the scout wants it to be. Just imagine yourself living this fun week this couple discusses below and all because they chose the right work from home business opportunity.

Monday. We got home so late today from our weekend down at the beach. I just don't feel like working today, Honey. Let's go out to dinner at that nice restaurant and then call it a day.

That sounds great to me, Dear.

Tuesday. Honey, while you and the kids are at the mall, I'm gonna hit the Web for a few hours and hook us up some promising properties. We have a rockin' company contest going on this week and I plan to win it.

Great, Dear - what's the contest?

First one with 2 accepted submissions this week gets a 3-day vacation to any one of over 50 destinations. Since we went to the beach past weekend, I want to go the mountains next time. That work for you, Honey?

Yes, Dear.

Great - have fun at the mall. Be safe!

Four hours pass, and the mall shoppers return. Hey, Honey - How's it goin' on the property search?

I only looked in one database and I found four promising properties, made a quick call on all four, and one of them looks really sweet. I have a phone appointment with that seller tomorrow afternoon.

That's nice, Dear. I picked up some steak and lobster for dinner. Is that OK with you?

Sure, Dear, even though we already had that at the beach this weekend, it's one of my favorites, too. Thanks to all that research we did and the right choice we made picking the right work from home business opportunity - we can afford it, Dear.

Wednesday. How was your golf game today, Dear?

I humbled them! That new set of clubs really helped my game a ton.

That's nice, Dear. I talked to that seller and she's faxing me all the stats on that promising property I found. Looks like this one could be a real cherry. I also got three other packages faxed in from last week on different deals. I really think a couple of those are duds judging from the numbers, but Ill submit them any way and see what happens. The other one of the three looks pretty good.

That's nice, Dear. Feel like dinner at that nice Chinese place and a movie tonight? I want to see that funny Borat movie.

Sure, Dear. I'm done for the day. We can do whatever you want to do tonight. Want to get a sitter?

Yes, Dear. Let's have a nice night out together for the two of us.

Thursday. Tomorrow's Friday. What do you and the kids want to do this weekend? Want to go to our cabin on the lake and hang out and fish a little, you know, that 'get-back-to-nature' thing we enjoy?

Sure. Let's invite the Smiths from next door, too. They can bring their Jet Skis, and with our boat and their Jet Skis, all the kids will have a ball. Jerry Smith asked me to explain our work from home business opportunity we chose, and this will be the prefect time to do it.

Sounds great to me. Please give them a call, and then you all run to the store and stock us up for the weekend. I have a few calls to make, and I'll also put in a couple of hours - and snag some more promising properties to investigate while you're gone to the store.

OK, Dear - and I already know what you'll say - 'Please, no more steak and lobster right now.' Right, Honey?

I knew I married way over my head when you said Yes, Dear. I'll see you when you get back.

Three hours pass, and the shoppers return. Hi, Honey. We're back, and all stocked up for the lake. How's your afternoon been?

Great, Dear! Not only did I find out that one of the properties I thought was a dead duck turned out to be worth checking out, a broker friend of someone I already did a deal for called me and hooked us up with two new properties to check out. And I've never even talked to this guy before!

That's nice, Dear. Why don't you just take Friday off, and let's head out to the lake a day early. If you absolutely have to work you can use our new satellite Internet and cell connections out there.

Great idea, Dear. That works for me. Let's do it!

Friday. Honey, the Smiths are ready any time we are. Let's get out of here early this morning. You can bring your laptop, and you can make any calls on your cell on the way to the lake. If you need to do some emails or a little work, you can do all that when we get there and we're unloading the van.

Let's do it.

So - how did your week go this week, Honey? What did you end up working - maybe 20 hours or so?

Yes, Dear - about 20 - more or less. I found 11 new properties worth checking out, talked to 4 sellers, got in 3 packages, submitted all three, and also got that call from the guy I didn't even know - remember that referral from the guy I already did a deal with? - and he flipped me a couple of deals to check out that might be pretty sweet.

That's nice Dear. How much money did you make this week?

Cash, you mean, Honey?

Yes, Dear - you know - that green stuff that pays off the plastic stuff we use so freely every day?

So I married a comedienne, eh? Well, Honey, till the deals I submitted this week go through the process, we won't know. But I did notice that the two $15,000.00 checks I got over the last 10 weeks seemed to work OK for you.

Yes, Dear, those were very nice. I'm not worried about it - just trying to stay abreast of your amazing business your doing now. I am so thankful that you're doing that property scouting. Let's head out to the lake now.

= = =

If for some reason you, dear reader, view what you just read as a fairy tale, you have apparently never experienced the freedom and power of working for yourself in a real, legitimate work from home business opportunity that has the raw power to change your life full-circle in less than a year.

Property scouting offers its participants precisely that option. Instead of accepting 'average' as a lifestyle, these people simply want an honest chance to make some life changes, so they have 'found a home.'

Is it easy? Yes. How difficult would you say looking at an Internet database is, if someone asked you? How easy is your J-O-B?

Does it take a lot of time? It takes exactly as much time as you want to give it. I'd be lying to you if I said that the person who devotes a few minutes a day is likely to have the same results at the same pace as the person who approached it seriously, though. Does your J-O-B take up your time?

Comparing property scouting to another work from home business opportunity, can you make any decent money, you wonder? Well, the property scouts determine their own income every single day. Some will play around with it and pick up an extra $30,000.00 a year or so. Others will generate for themselves and their family an extra $300,000.00.

What will your J-O-B generate for the roughly 2,000 hours you'll put in this year?

So the real question really is - how bad do you want your own work from home business opportunity?

Do you have the mindset to take a chance at really achieving your dreams? Do you have the real, true perseverance to stick with it till it works? Do you seriously want to be something other than another statistic at your current J-O-B? Do you really want to be paid for what you contribute, instead of others taking all the credit and making all the money?

No one but you can answer those questions for you. I can tell you one thing for certain - if you really want it, you can really find it as a property scout.

Your decision right now will determine if your 'make eight and hit the gate' J-O-B will continue to define you, or you'll take a stand right now and reach for more if you want more for yourself and maybe want more for those people you say you care about.

You can have predictable, unpredictable, or fun weeks for the rest of your life. Choose carefully. This is your chance. Property Scouting is the work from home business opportunity that can deliver everything you're looking for - and more.