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TV series synopsis Samurai Jack (2001)

In ancient Japan, the shape-transferring wizard called Aku (Mako and Greg 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley) resurfaces and attacks the nation. Whilst the Emperor is captured, his son is despatched to teach during the world in many kinds of subject and combat. As an grownup, he reunites together with his mother, who offers him the sacred sword able to defeating Aku. Whilst the samurai (Phil LaMarr) returns domestic to face the wizard, he's sent through time into the remote destiny, where Aku nonetheless policies over a global filled with high era, extraterrestrial beings, and different oddities that the samurai does not understand. Taking up the name "Jack", the samurai makes a name for himself as he struggles to unfastened the future from Aku's draw close, and sooner or later go back to his very own time to forestall Aku earlier than this future involves bypass.

Samurai Jack (2001) trailer