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TV series synopsis My Hero Academia (2016)

Mankind has evolved superpowers known as "Quirks"; that is the strength the full-size majority possesses, individuals who do not, are being discriminated against and regarded down on. Certainly, villains have the superpower, too and need to rebuild the world for it to look the way they see it. But, a prestigious college called the The Hero Academy trains its students for them to grow to be heroes and to help those who have less effective Quirks, or people who do no longer have them at all, as well as to stand in opposition to the plans of the villains. The series makes a speciality of a center faculty pupil Izuku Midoriya, who has no superpowers. Will he be capable of emerge as a hero and one way or the other to contribute to the peace and balance inside the world, in which the vulnerable is the minority that needs to be defended.

My Hero Academia (2016) trailer