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Elliot's inner struggles surrounding his upbringing and personal existence intertwine together with his gift external demanding situations as a part of fsociety. Being very introverted, Elliot fails to express feelings and decide for himself what's real and what isn't always, a question this is also left rather ambiguous to the viewer. Mainly Elliot struggles to remember critical statistics about his near spouse and children.

Elliot is in the end found out to be partially chargeable for the death of neighbour and close pal, Shayla (even though accidental). His look for different chemical compounds to mix along with his morphine dependancy led Shayla to turn out to be reliant on a crook psychopath. Elliot manages to help imprison the criminal before being forced to assist free him on the promise that Shayla might be left unhurt, a promise that become not kept.

Meanwhile in Evil Corp, Tyrell Wellick is determined to be promoted to CTO. The determined young worker also appears to have an uncommon courting along with his similarly bold spouse - with his pending promoting their handiest real common reason. Failing to get the merchandising, out of desperation Tyrell kills the new CTO's spouse displaying increasingly psychopathic tendencies.

In the end with the difficult paintings of fsociety (it is tough to know precisely to what extent Elliot is himself entirely fsociety, but the group certainly seems to be ultimately based mainly round Elliot and his sister, Darlene), and with help from other hackers in China, the massive scale hack on Evil Corp is accomplished efficaciously and all debt statistics held with the aid of the large organization is misplaced.

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