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TV series synopsis Monster (2004)

Dr. Kenzo Tenma, a young however extremely proficient neurosurgeon, lives his existence running in a medical institution in Germany. He is respected via his superiors for his wonderful surgical capabilities, envied by way of his peers and he is engaged to the daughter of the health center director. However sooner or later his brilliant destiny adjustments whilst a little boy is introduced in with a severe head injury, along along with his twin sister, the aftermath of a own family bloodbath. He is faced with a large quandary when his advanced orders him to abort the boy's surgery and operate at the mayor as an alternative, who was delivered in lots later. He decides that "all lifestyles is same" and is going towards his superiors to store the boy's lifestyles (who arrived first), which in the long run consequences within the mayor's demise. The boy survives, leaving Tenma's profession in ruins, his engagement to his fiancé damaged. His downward spiral starts offevolved while one night time, while he is out cold in a drunken stupor, the twins vanish from the health center and Tenma's superiors - together with the clinic director - are found useless. Tenma, having no alibi and the most effective one with cause, is the top murder suspect. He goes into hiding and vows to discover the twins and show his innocence. Little did he realize, that that is handiest the start of a terrifying journey through countries, buried secrets and techniques and the dark depths of the human psyche...

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