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Louis C.Okay. Writes, directs and stars in this display about a stand-up comedian, basically appearing past due night indicates at small clubs and eating places. He is a unmarried father living together with his two school-going daughters. Episodes cognizance on occasions in his regular existence, and are bookended through clips from his stand-up recurring. C.K. Is the best ordinary inside the display, or even his daughters are portrayed by using more than one actor. The style of humor is often sexual and racist, with occasional use of vulgar language. C.Okay. Exercises total freedom within the episodes he creates and there are few boundaries set up in the course of the display, with episodes dealing with such various subjects as picking up the youngsters from faculty to doing tablets at his next-door neighbor's. Most of his stand-up exercises replicate his actual existence and regularly have very little affiliation with the topic of the episode.

Louie (2010) trailer