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Jack Crawford, head of the Behavioral technological know-how Unit of the FBI, seeks out special investigator Will Graham to help remedy various murder cases throughout the Maryland area. Graham has a special capability to count on the point of view of a killer, in addition to empathize with them. This capability, even as it saves lives, has a haunting impact on Graham. In a few instances, Graham's apprehensive thoughts can cause distortion of fact. Jack assigns a psychiatrist to Will Graham to help him cope with the work he does.

The psychiatrist is Dr. Hannibal Lecter, recognized to his colleagues as a first-rate mind and praised physician, but known to no one as the Chesapeake Ripper, the maximum desired serial killer in recent years. As Jack, Will, and Hannibal increase a friendship, Hannibal uses his function to not most effective play risky video games with the FBI, however wreck down Will's mental country. The question is... Why?

The collection starts offevolved as a prequel to pink Dragon, at the side of a retelling of many elements of the Hannibal Lecter story.

Hannibal (2013) trailer