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Inside the early seventeenth century, Japan adopted strict isolation regulations and severed almost all ties with foreign international locations. In 1853, america fleet commanded by using Admiral Perry pressured the doorways open, main to a modernization of the state's sociopolitical systems and the eventual fall of the Shogunate. The samurai regime ended its lifestyles with the imperial healing in 1868. That is what history tells, however in Gintama, it's no longer what takes place. In place of america fleet, the united states of america is stormed by using spaceships coming from four corners of the universe and shortly we see it occupied by way of extraterrestrials. The Shogunate has turn out to be a puppet of alien career armies. All samurais had been disarmed and decreased to temp workers with out a abilities who just try to make ends meet. Gintama is a tale of a handyman named Gintoki, a samurai without a respect for regulations set with the aid of the invaders, who's geared up to take any activity to live on. He and his gang, but, also are among the very few who've not forgotten the morale of a swordsman. Anywhere they go, all they do is to create problems. Troubles that they of direction attempt to resolve, however in reality...

Gintama (2005) trailer