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Omer is a young guy, complete of beauty and properly spirit. He has simply lower back from military provider and is set to marry the woman of his dreams, the lovely Eysan. His two best pals, Cengiz and Ali are like brothers to him, and he trusts them with all his coronary heart. The whole thing seams best, as his entire lifestyles lies in front of him. The drama starts offevolved when the police storms into Omer's bedroom while he's nonetheless drowsing. He gets arrested for a murder and theft on the on line casino the night time before. Omer receives imprisoned for the crime - his lifestyles is shattered, buddies and fiancé disappears. Instead, one unmarried question is preyed on his mind for the following ten years: Why? It's far apparent that Omer has been installation, but should this sort of horrible crime actually were deliberate through his two great friends and his fiancé Eysan? Omer receives eventually declared lifeless in jail, but the death is a cover up for the revenge to come. After plastic surgical treatment Omer returns as Ezel, with only one project in lifestyles - to find an evidence, and to take the whole lot away from folks that as soon as destroyed his life. But first, he has to kill the steady, incorrigible, and infinite love he nonetheless incorporates for the lady of his desires, Eysan. One at a time, the portions fall in vicinity in a totally thrilling story. Omer's two nice buddies Ali and Cengiz were satisfied to rob the on line casino with the aid of the mafioso Serdar Tezcan , who additionally takes place to be Omer's female friend Eysan's father. Serdar created the entire plan. He needed 4 human beings for a successful theft. The primary, Cengiz would be the mole who became running in the on line casino and who might consequently advantage access. The second one, Ali will be the ruthless killer who has no problem committing homicide if wished. The third, Eysan will be the professional con-lady who would manipulate the characters. Subsequently, Omer would be blamed for the robbery by manner of implanting fake evidence, and therefore deceptive the police and causing them to end all other investigations. Eysan would later testify in court docket which will re-establish the evidence and accusations, therefore cementing her betrayal. The plan worked efficiently and even as all four got away with thousands and thousands of dollars' well worth of money, Omer went to jail the day after he proposed to Eysan. In 2006, Omer, who had a complete plastic surgical treatment, and modified his name to Ezel Bayraktar ("eternity" in Turkish), returns to get his revenge, unknown to his preceding buddies, Eysan and Cengiz (who're now married with a son), and Ali (who is head of safety at Cengiz's lodge) The as soon as easy boy will become a person particularly professional at playing, analyzing humans, fighting, and has notably excessive elegance in society. He is helped through his assistants Kamil and Sebnem, as well as his prison mentor Ramiz Dayi - "Ramiz Uncle"

Ezel (2009) trailer