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Criminals, along with the Russian mafia, Yakuza, and chinese, have taken advantage of Hell's Kitchen's occasions considering "the incident". Blinded as a boy in an accident that gave him heightened senses, Matt Murdock starts combating this rising crook element by night time as a costumed vigilante even as starting a regulation firm along with his pal, Foggy Nelson. Their first patron is Karen web page, a secretary for construction agency Union Allied, who has been framed for the homicide of her co-worker, Daniel Fisher, after accidentally uncovering a pension embezzlement scheme. Murdock prevents Karen from being prosecuted and protects her from an murderer, before exposing the scandal through Ben Urich at the new york Bulletin. Thankful for his or her assist, page gives to paintings for Murdock and Nelson. James Wesley covers up the involvement of his business enterprise inside the scandal, and orders Anatoly and Vladamir Ranskahov, the Russians' leaders, to deal with Murdock ("the person in black"): they kidnap a young boy to lure him right into a entice.

When Murdock was a boy, his father turned into murdered for triumphing a healthy he turned into informed to throw. Now, after failing to rescue the abducted boy, a seriously injured Murdock is discovered in a dumpster with the aid of nurse Claire Temple. Nelson in the meantime attempts to consolation page following her current annoying reports. Temple takes Murdock to her condo, has a tendency to his wounds, and removes his masks, coming across his blindness. He refuses to reveal his call, however does monitor his heightened senses once they alert him to a Russian who's searching the rental building, giving Temple time to hide Murdock and convince the man that she knows nothing. Murdock realizes that the man did not trust her, and overpowers him, taking him to the roof. Murdock and Temple torture him into revealing the boy's vicinity, earlier than Murdock pushes him off the roof and into the equal dumpster. He barely survives. Murdock enters the building wherein they're keeping the boy, defeats the guards, and rescues him.

Wesley, having become aware about Nelson and Murdock because of their involvement with page at some point of the Union Allied scandal, hires them to shield John Healy, an assassin. Although Nelson needs not to get concerned with an obvious crook detail, Murdock wishes to use the case to discover who Wesley's corporation is, and so accepts Wesley's offer, which incorporates a massive sum to ensure their silence. Web page gets a comparable offer from Union Allied, who do not want her to speak to everybody else approximately the scandal, and threaten to sue her for leaking enterprise secrets to the press if she does not agree. Notwithstanding this, web page is going to Urich, whose editor Ellison is forcing him to jot down superfluous tales rather than the most important crime breaks of his youngsters, and offers to tell him greater approximately the Union Allied scandal. After efficiently protecting Healy, Murdock confronts him in dress and forces him to show Wesley's agency, Wilson Fisk. Healy then commits suicide as opposed to face the consequences of this.

Murdock is unable to find any report of Fisk, and so keeps to interrogate criminals, attempting to find solutions. Wesley informs the Ranskahovs of an offer Fisk has made to assist with their operations, given their recent screw ups. Angered at this obvious slight, they attempt to prevent the person in black once and for all by way of travelling in health center the Russian whom Murdock threw from the roof. After the Russian tells them of Temple, they ship guys to kidnap her, but she manages to name Murdock in time to alert him of her kidnapping. The Russians attempt to torture Murdock's name out of Temple, but Murdock arrives and defeats the gangsters. Seeing the aftermath of this, the Ranskahovs determine to conform to Fisk's offer, with Anatoly going to inform Fisk in my opinion, with the aid of barging into the restaurant wherein Fisk is having dinner with an art gallery curator named Vanessa Marianna. Fisk takes a harassed Marianna domestic, and angered at this intrusion and embarrassment, Fisk beheads Anatoly and orders Wesley to send the body to Vladimir.

Fisk explains the state of affairs to his allies, which include chinese language chief Madame Gao, of whom he asks a special choose. Elena Cardenas, a renter of effective businessman Armand Tulley, comes to Nelson and Murdock after Tulley, who desires to convert her condo constructing, sends men to wreck her domestic. Nelson goes to Tulley's lawyers at Landman and Zack (wherein he and Murdock once interned), represented by using Marci Stahl, Nelson's ex-girlfriend. She explains that Cardenas and her neighbors can both take a massive settlement or be evicted. While searching out proceedings towards Tulley on the police station, Murdock realizes Detectives Carl Hoffman and Blake are corrupt while he hears them kill a Russian. Murdock later incapacitates Blake and makes use of his cellular telephone to locate Vladimir. Fisk can pay Turk Barrett to reveal to Vladimir that Fisk killed Anatoly, and as they prepare for a conflict towards Fisk, their forces are destroyed in a suicide assault via Gao's people. Vladimir survives, but Murdock reveals him, as they may be surrounded by using police.

Murdock takes out the police whilst they are attempting to kill Vladimir on Fisk's orders, and he takes Vladimir to an deserted warehouse, hoping for solutions approximately Fisk, while Nelson and Cardenas are injured in the bombings. With Temple's help, Murdock cauterizes Vladimir's wounds, alerting a non-corrupt police officer to their presence. The officer calls in Murdock and Vladimir's area, and the warehouse is quickly surrounded. Blake and Hoffman take control of the scenario, and watch for Fisk's orders. Fisk talks to Murdock thru police radio, telling him of his admiration for what Murdock is attempting to do, even though it clashes with Fisk's personal plans to shop the town. Fisk then frames the vigilante by means of having a police sniper fire on other officials from the roof of the warehouse, together with Blake, as Urich and the media look on. Vladimir, in return for Murdock avenging Anatoly's dying, offers him information on Leland Owlsley the accountant for all of Fisk's operations before giving his lifestyles in order that Murdock can get away.

Murdock tracks down Owlsley, however is distracted by means of the appearance of an aged man: Murdock's mentor, Stick, who taught him to master his abilities as a baby, but deserted him when Murdock evolved an attachment to him. Now, he enlists Murdock's help in destroying Black Sky, a weapon that the japanese, led by means of Nobu, are bringing to new york. Stick is of the same opinion to chorus from killing, however breaks his promise whilst he kills Black Sky, who's really a younger boy. After fighting in Murdock's rental, Murdock defeats Stick, who is of the same opinion to leave the metropolis. Urich, having agreed to help web page divulge the further scandal and corruption surrounding Hell's Kitchen and Union Allied, explains that they want evidence before they are able to submit whatever. While attempting to find a connection among Tulley's guys and Union Allied, page is faced by way of them. Nelson allows her get away them, so she and Urich provide an explanation for their investigation to him. Stick later converses with a closely scarred man about Murdock's role in occasions to return.

Web page and Nelson carry Murdock in on their plan, and he has the same opinion as long as they forestall putting themselves in damage's way, and use the legal device in preference to underhanded processes. Owlsley and Nobu, indignant at being confronted by way of the vigilante and losing Black Sky, respectively, specific their displeasure with Fisk, even as he is also coping with Blake, who wakes up in sanatorium. Fisk convinces Hoffman to kill Blake earlier than he can speak out against Fisk, however Hoffman is incapacitated with the aid of Murdock, who receives records on Fisk from Blake earlier than he dies. Gao visits Fisk, warning him that he will must get the entirety beneath control if he does now not need her, Nobu, and Owlsley to side-step him. An irritated Fisk is later consoled by means of Marianna, and he tells her of how, as a infant, he murdered his father when he become beating Fisk's mom. She convinces him to get up and cross public together with his intentions to store the metropolis. This negates all of Murdock's statistics from Blake, which Urich changed into going to put up.

In the wake of Fisk's public revelation, Murdock, web page, Nelson, and Urich begin looking for something from Fisk's past that they can use in opposition to him. Murdock visits Marianna at her art gallery, hoping to benefit insight into Fisk by means of talking along with her, and encounters Fisk himself. Nobu demands a promised metropolis block from Fisk, who consents at the condition Nobu provide him with a "specialist" in go back to cope with the vigilante. The block, which Fisk has offered from Tulley, is wherein Cardenas lives, and he or she is one of the few tenants who stands within the manner of Fisk gifting it to Nobu. When Cardenas is killed by way of a junkie, Murdock realizes that Fisk is at the back of it, and tracks him to an deserted warehouse, in which he is faced via the professional: Nobu. Murdock finally defeats Nobu, by chance causing him to burn alive, but sustains serious accidents. Fisk then confronts Murdock, beating him almost to death. Murdock barely escapes, simplest to collapse at his domestic in front of Nelson.

After Temple tends to Murdock's wounds, Nelson confronts him approximately his "blindness" and vigilante sports. Murdock explains that after experiencing the twisted morals of Landman and Zack, Murdock took it upon himself to confront a paedophilic and incestuous rapist with no felony proof towards him, but who Murdock had observed via his heightened senses. For the reason that then, he had been doing the whole thing he should to make the town a higher location each time the law could not. Nelson, not able to appearance past Murdock's lies, leaves their company. Urich, after the extension on his sick wife's health center live is denied and he is obtainable a better paying process as an editor in place of a reporter, makes a decision to give up the research. Web page, in an try to exchange his mind, takes him to a rest domestic she just observed, in which they meet Marlene Vistain, Fisk's mom, who tells them that Fisk killed his father. Fisk, meanwhile, is throwing a charity gala to publicly raise money for victims of the bombings. There, some of the guests, which includes Marianna, are poisoned.

Still recuperating from his injuries, Murdock says goodbye to Temple, who's leaving for a time. Earlier than she goes, Temple shows that he get higher safety if he is going to retain his crusade. With the assist of Barrett, Murdock finds Melvin Potter, a mentally unbalanced engineer who has been coerced into creating armored garb for Fisk, and asks him to make a match of body armor in exchange for stopping Fisk from hurting every person else. Web page desires to show the story of how Vistain is alive, and says that Fisk killed his father, but Urich explains that it is unreliable, given her kingdom of mind. Even as Fisk will now not depart Marianna's aspect as she recovers in health facility, Wesley receives a phone call from Vistain and learns that page and Urich visited her. He confronts page and tries to blackmail her into now not exposing Fisk, threatening to harm her friends. Whilst Fisk calls Wesley to find out wherein he is, the ringing distracts him lengthy sufficient for web page to take his gun, and kill him.

Using data from Urich, Murdock finds the bottom of Gao's heroin operation and dismantles it, with Gao, who can keep her very own in opposition to Murdock, escaping and finding out to return to her hometown to reflect onconsideration on the future. Fisk's guys find Wesley, and the grieving Fisk realizes that the ultimate man or woman he talked to changed into Vistain. Wanting to maintain those he loves secure through sending them in a foreign country, Fisk is not able to convince Marianna to go away him, but does get Vistain away, with the ill Vistain not able to inform him what her call to Wesley turned into approximately. Nelson continues his paintings without Murdock, and takes what they know to Stahl. Page, suffering to recover from killing Wesley, convinces Urich to write down the story, however it is rejected by Ellison. Whilst Urich accuses Ellison of being paid off by way of Fisk, he receives fired. Urich comes to a decision to start his very own weblog to get Fisk's tale obtainable, however Fisk's actual informant in the Bulletin tells him that Urich visited Vistain, angering him to the point that he breaks into Urich's apartment and kills him.

Murdock and web page attend Urich's funeral, while Fisk learns that Owlsley and Gao conspired to poison Marianna, whom they deemed a distraction, and that Owlsley has been hiding Hoffman as an coverage coverage. Whilst Owlsley attempts to blackmail him, an infuriated Fisk kills Owlsley through throwing him into an open elevator shaft. Murdock and Nelson reconcile their variations, and start building their case towards Fisk. As the vigilante, Murdock finds Hoffman with statistics from Stahl and convinces him to testify towards Fisk. Acting on this testimony, federal agents arrest Fisk and his co-conspirators, however Fisk manages to escape custody. Earlier than he can flee the metropolis, Murdock intercepts him, carrying the brand new armor made for him by Potter. After a brutal combat, Murdock defeats Fisk and leaves him to the police. With Fisk arrested, Marianna leaves the metropolis. Murdock, page, and Nelson have a good time their success and resume their work. The vigilante is named "Daredevil" with the aid of the media.

Season 2

In the aftermath of Wilson Fisk's arrest, the firm of Nelson & Murdock enjoys newfound reputation within Hell's Kitchen, however simplest attracts few new customers who can afford to pay their legal expenses. Whilst Karen page manages their economic issues, Foggy and Matt struggle with Daredevil's surge in popularity and the expanded risk to their partnership, company, and loved ones. In the meantime, a brand new assailant arrives in Hell's Kitchen, systematically getting rid of rival gangs of their home territory. After the only survivor, Grotto, hires Nelson & Murdock to represent him, Daredevil reveals himself in a deadly war of words with the vigilante and is shot off a constructing at point clean range.

After being significantly injured all through his fight with the unknown assailant, Foggy insists that Matt recovers earlier than trying to track him down once more. Matt enlists the help of an old best friend to rebuild the broken portions of his fit whilst Foggy and Karen have a tendency to Grotto, who is targeted by means of the assailant who wants to finish the activity. In a cope with District legal professional Reyes, Foggy and Karen cozy a witness protection deal in trade for Grotto buying incriminating facts on a better-level drug lord, but are double-crossed whilst Reyes instead makes use of him as bait for the newly-dubbed "Punisher." in the course of an excessive warfare among Daredevil and the Punisher, law Enforcent start firing recklessly at each of them below Reyes' orders and within the aftermath the 2 are nowhere to be discovered.

Now captured through the Punisher, Matt engages him in a debate approximately their vigilante methods even as trying to plan an break out. Foggy and Karen address the aftermath of Reyes' trap, with Foggy attempting to find Matt and Karen pursuing their missing client. As the Punisher (now identified as "Frank") prepares to heighten his attacks on neighborhood gangs, Matt engages him in a chain of heated arguments approximately the morality of their moves, culminating in each questioning and reaffirming their reasons. Their debate culminates in Frank strapping a gun with a unmarried bullet to Matt's hand and providing Daredevil a preference: kill him earlier than he kills Grotto, or do nothing so that he can get on together with his "task." Matt escapes but cannot store Grotto; at the identical time, Frank executes his next assault on a neighborhood gang, with the members coming to kill them each. Matt captures Frank but he loses him whilst he is forced to fight off a swarm of attackers.

Finn Cooley, a excessive-profile member of the Irish mafia whose son became killed via the Punisher, sends his last friends on the lookout for him and the cash he stole from the mafia. Elsewhere, Karen learns from case documents provided through Reyes subordinate, Blake Tower, that the Punisher's actual call is Frank fortress, and locates a disgraced general practitioner who points her to the fort household. That night time, fortress is captured with the aid of the Irish and brought off to be brutally tortured by using Cooley who drills via his foot. He offers up the area of the cash whilst Cooley threatens to kill castle's dog, but the case containing the money is armed with a detonated bomb that kills a number of Cooley's guys. Cooley prepares to kill citadel, who escapes and kills Cooley and numerous henchmen. On the equal time, Matt arrives on the site and assists a wounded citadel in incapacitating Cooley's closing henchmen, earlier than weakly sporting him to a nearby cemetery. There, fortress tells Matt about his family, which he well-knownshows was murdered via the mafia. The police arrive and understand fort, and Matt tells Sergeant Mahoney to take credit for the arrest to reinforce the metropolis's desire within the police force. Matt, Foggy and Karen have fun at Josie's Bar, and Matt and Karen percentage a kiss within the rain earlier than parting approaches. While Matt returns home, he is surprised through the advent of an antique friend, Elektra Natchios.

10 years ago, Matt meets Elektra at a ballroom birthday party. The 2 bond over their shared observational abilities and thrill searching for before keeping off into the night time in a stolen car. They go to the boxing ring utilized by Matt's past due father, where Matt discloses details about his father's loss of life earlier than the two spar and begin having sex midway. Sometime later, they break into the home of Roscoe Sweeney, the person accountable for ordering the demise of Matt's father. Sweeney is constrained, and Matt beats him unconscious. Elektra urges Matt to kill Sweeney, however Matt is not able to, which activates Elektra to desert him. In the current, Elektra requests Matt's assist on her dealings together with her father's enterprise Roxxon power business enterprise, which Matt refuses, though he spies on a enterprise assembly. That night, he and Karen go on their first date collectively. Matt visits Elektra's penthouse, in which Yakuza contributors begin to converge on the constructing. Elektra, who has stolen Matt's dress, advises him to prepare to combat.

Matt and Elektra subdue Yakuza assailants that assault Elektra's apartment. Afterwards, they communicate in a diner and Matt reluctantly concurs to maintain supporting her. Matt, Foggy and Karen meet with the public defender at the Punisher case, who exhibits that castle could be going through the death penalty for hyperlinks to crimes out of doors the big apple. This activates Matt to take into account defending castle himself. Their meeting on the health center is interrupted with the aid of Reyes, who's insisting on giving citadel the dying penalty. She is advised off through Matt, however his involvement in the case is cut quick while Elektra recruits him to thieve a treasured Yakuza ledger from the Roxxon constructing. Even as the 2 succeed in their heist and narrowly break out, Karen well-knownshows to fortress that she broke into his home and found private details about his family. The 2 quietly converse over this till Foggy comes in and informs fort that he is managed to shorten the latter's charges to 1 life sentence, so long as he pleads guilty. Castle consents, however while mentioning his plea to Reyes and the decide, he  pleads no longer guilty and threatens Reyes. While Matt returns to the firm, Foggy informs him The people v. Frank fort has started.

Fortress's trial starts offevolved. Matt neglects his paintings on castle's case to hold moonlighting with Elektra. The 2 then raid a educate automobile and get into an extended fight with the Yakuza, only for Elektra to be wounded. After, Matt has a tendency to her wounds and asks why she left him, best to be informed he "deserves better". The subsequent morning, Matt is late to make his opening assertion at castle's trial and a reluctant Foggy is compelled to take over for him. Matt's relationship with Karen and Foggy now continues to go to pot. Matt exhibits his work with Elektra to Foggy and Foggy, who he assumes is having an affair with her, recommend Matt leaves the case. That night time, Matt and Elektra pressure a nearby corrupt professor to decrypt the yakuza's ledger and it leads them to an abandoned warehouse wherein they discover the Yakuza are digging a giant hole.

Matt and Elektra are attacked by ninjas and stored through Stick. Elektra is reduce through a poisoned sword and rushed returned to Matt's condo so Stick can shop her. Stick famous that Elektra works for him, then tells Matt approximately The Hand and their cause in new york. In court, Foggy starts offevolved to sway the jury in citadel's prefer. Matt gives to take Elektra again if she'll depart Stick and swear now not to kill anymore. Karen comes via and is devastated to see a convalescing Elektra in Matt's bed. In courtroom tomorrow, Frank takes the stand and purposefully wrecks his very own protection. Karen and Foggy berate Matt for letting them lose. Elektra tells Stick that she's leaving him to be with Matt; Matt and her share a near second before they're attacked by means of an murderer. They subdue him and find out that he's only a kid, only Elektra hastily slits his throat a good deal to Matt's horror. Castle enters jail and is led by using a guard into a meeting with Wilson Fisk.

Fisk arranges a assembly with castle, who reluctantly concurs to a deal which involves killing Fisk's rival within the prison who is capable of provide statistics at the bloodbath of his circle of relatives. Betrayed through Fisk, fortress single highhandedly slaughters a swarm of henchmen of the man he had just killed and is placed in solitary. After an severe brawl with Fisk, he's smuggled out of jail, now able to locate the mastermind in the back of his family's massacre named the Blacksmith, at the same time as promising Fisk that he's going to kill him the next time they see every other. Matt and Elektra fall out for correct over Elektra's indifference to killing. Foggy and Matt reluctantly agree to part ways after Nelson & Murdock collapses. Karen confirms the john Doe on the carousel was honestly an undercover cop, expertise citadel found out from his mobile block victim. Matt as Daredevil learns the accountant's son is considered one of several kids held for a medical test through Nobu, the now resurrected Yakuza leader. Nobu manages to get away with a tool to which the children had been hooked. Matt wonders whether or not Stick's claim that the Hand has found immortality can be authentic.

Matt as Daredevil arranges health center remedy for the kids who'd been installed to Nobu's blood extractor. Reyes brings Foggy & Matt to her office to get statistics on citadel that may keep her circle of relatives alive. Foggy & Matt might not ruin lawyer-purchaser privilege, forcing Reyes to tell the whole story of the carousel massacre---a primary drug deal long gone awry as Blacksmith, its mastermind, failed to reveal while gaining knowledge of of the undercover cop, and tensions spilling into the gun fight that killed the cop and fort's own family. Reyes admits to overlaying the complete matter up for worry of career damage---which include threatening the medical examiner and approving fort's do-no longer-resuscitate. Before she can expose extra info, a firestorm of bullets riddles the office. Reyes is killed and Foggy is injured. Matt learns fortress changed into taken to Fisk's cellblock and visits Fisk, a go to ending in a combat whilst Matt unsuccessfully blackmails Fisk into revealing his involvement with the aid of assuring he'll never see Vanessa again. Karen learns the difficult way that citadel might not had been worried in the attack on Reyes's office---a similar assault occurs at her rental even as castle himself visits and saves her. Elektra kills a captivating murderer despatched to kill her---via Stick. Matt at the health center roof prepares to confront a horde of the Hand who may attack either Foggy or the improving kids.

Daredevil takes on the ninjas assaulting the health facility. He is shocked that the youngsters need to return to them. As Matt, he explains to Claire Temple approximately the ninjas. An attempted post-mortem on one of the slain Ninjas shows the scars of a prior autopsy. The hospital board leader is simply as stunned---and bent on overlaying everything up, compelling Claire to give up after Foggy's release. Foggy ponders a proposal from his occasional girlfriend related to joining her regulation company. Karen lies to a detective about the assault on her apartment but accepts police safety. Matt confronts her and she or he tells him she does not think fort become behind the D.A.'s and medical examiner's deaths. Karen slips her police safety to satisfy fortress at a greasy spoon. Fortress admits he used her as bait to lure the ones he thinks are following her. Matt thinks Madame Gao is Blacksmith's competitor and he or she reluctantly sends him to the pier. He talks fortress out of killing a person claiming to be Blacksmith. Stick learns Elektra survived the hit. Blacksmith's guys arrive and shoot up the boat, detonating gunpowder and exploding the ship.

Matt stops Elektra from killing Stick as ninjas descend on them and that they should combat collectively, however Matt and Elektra cannot forestall the Hand from taking Stick. Matt vows to locate him, even as Elektra vows to kill him. Police clean up the pier mess and Karen insists fort isn't dead. She tracks down fort's commander in Afghanistan, Ray Schoonover, then discovers Schoonover's involvement within the drug ring that brought about the slaughter of castle's family. Citadel shows as much as keep Schoonover from killing Karen. Daredevil and Elektra track the Hand and locate Stick certain and tortured. Nobu is likewise present. The Hand's true purpose is disclosed, as is the lacking link in Elektra's haunted beyond. Elektra finally saves Stick. Daredevil escapes the Hand with Nobu decided to stop him.

Foggy meets with Jeri Hogarth to speak about joining her firm. With Stick safe at Matt's condo, the Hand raids a police station for statistics on human beings Daredevil has helped. While Matt learns of it, he fears mainly for Karen. Matt and Elektra use a police transmission to find the beneficiaries the Hand rounded up. The hostages are freed, exposing a trap supposed for Daredevil. Matt and Elektra make a percent to live together after defeating the Hand, even leaving ny. Nobu arrives and assaults Daredevil, but Elektra sacrifices herself for him. An enraged Daredevil takes on the final ninjas with surprising help---from citadel. Stick returns to finish off Nobu, then mourns Elektra with Matt. Foggy accepts the offer from Hogarth's company, officially ending Nelson & Murdock, and has a very last drink with Karen earlier than a final communicate with Matt. Citadel burns down his own family's domestic, after taking a CD labelled "Micro". Matt well-knownshows to Karen that he's Daredevil. The Hand recovers Elektra's body.

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