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TV series synopsis Black Books (2000)

Meet Bernard Black. Bernard is an anti-social, heavy ingesting chain-smoker who owns a small London bookstall - an unusual vocation, for the reason that he detests clients and delights in physically and verbally abusing them at every possibility. His great (and only) buddy inside the world is his lunch time ingesting companion Fran, a neurotic and boyfriend-determined lady who owns the pretentious arts and crafts save next to his. Bernard is cynical, abrasive and lazy, and is flawlessly happy that way - however his lifestyles takes an unexpected turn while he sells 'The Little e-book of Calm' to hyper-harassed accountant Manny Bianco, who in opposition to all odds finally ends up swallowing it. While the dirt is settled, Manny can have a brand new task, Fran may have a brand new friend, and Bernard's life will be far more surreal (if it is possible).

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