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TV series synopsis Behzat Ç Bir Ankara Polisiyesi (2010)

Derived from the Turkish writer Emrah Serbes's novels "Behzat Ç: Her Temas Iz Birakir" (2006) and "Behzat Ç: Son Hafriyat" (2010), the series tell the story of leader Inspector Behzat Ç, main the homicide and Vice divisions of the Ankara Police pressure. Suffering with a failed marriage, a dark past, a rebellious daughter and corrupt bureaucrats and cops, Behzat Ç disregards system, political correctness and etiquette to pursue and arrest serial killers, hitmen and violent criminals. His underlings from the murder and Vice table useful resource and assist him on this conflict: the new tempered, headstrong Harun, the streetwise Hayalet (the "Ghost"), the self-skilled forensics expert Akbaba (the "Vulture"), the naive and inexperienced Cevdet, and Selim and Eda, who try and keep a healthful relationship amongst the toil and hassle of dealing with murder every day. Behzat's brother, Sevket Ç, who administers a shopping center, also from time to time throws in help. Each episode deals with a distinctive murder, at the same time as the primary plot thickens after the main villain, Ercüment Çözer, a sadistic serial killer keeping many bureaucrats on his payroll, along along with his tireless assistant Memduh Basgan, a shady ex-Gladio hitman are introduced. Nearly all episodes take vicinity in Ankara, Turkey.

Behzat Ç Bir Ankara Polisiyesi (2010) trailer