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TV series story American Horror Story (2011)

This is a horror collection wherein every season tells a exclusive tale. The first season is set a haunted house and the own family that has moved into it. The second season centers round an insane asylum and a person who is wrongly accused of murdering several ladies, which includes his wife. The 1/3 season tells the tale of a coven of witches trying to determine out who their new "ultimate" is. The fourth season is set a "Freak show" and the lives of its performers. The 5th season is set the personnel and visitors at the hotel Cortez, a building made as a mystery torture chamber in the 1920s. The sixth season is set a farmhouse near Roanoke, North Carolina, this is besieged with the aid of the ghosts of the notorious misplaced colonists and different extraordinary happenings.

American Horror Story (2011) trailer