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It is 2031, seventeen years after government in seventy-nine nations determined collectively to combat worldwide warming with the coolant CW-7. The result become the Earth being straight away sent into a deep freeze, killing all human life except a handful who now live on an "ark", a progressive educate constructed before 2014 by a train aficionado named Wilford (Ed Harris), the teach which at that point became taken into consideration vain and self-indulgent. The train is needed to be continuously shifting to generate strength for lifestyles internal, it which circumnavigates the globe on a unmarried non-stop music as soon as every 12 months. The train remains managed in all of its components via Wilford, who has created 3 separate training housed in distinctive components of the educate: the privileged "one percentage", who're on the the front of the educate, the workers who support both ends and occupy the middle of the train, and the "tail people", the masses who stay behind the teach like cattle in a windowless farm animals car, they being solely fed protein bars, whose elements the tail humans do not recognize. The face of Wilford's ideology to the ones inside the tail give up is Minister Mason (Tilda Swinton), as Wilford never ventures to that cease of the teach. A number of the policies which Wilford has implemented is taking some of the kids from the tail end for an unknown reason by no means to be visible with the aid of the humans within the tail give up again, and committing occasional indiscriminate genocide within the tail give up, most of the tail humans believing as a technique of population manipulate, and to illustrate his dictatorial electricity as a way to have a complacent population among the loads. There have been many tries of revolution by the tail people inside the past, all quashed by means of Wilford. Curtis (Chris Evans), one of the tail human beings, wants to strive some other revolution, he believing all beyond tries having failed because they have got focused on Wilford, in preference to what he feels needs to arise for strength: take manipulate of the engine on the the front. Helping Curtis on this fight are, amongst others: Gilliam (Sir John hurt), the sensible old man; Edgar (Jamie Bell), who Curtis took beneath his wing while he became orphaned inside the early years; and Tanya (Octavia Spencer) and Andrew (Ewen Bremner), who want to find their children taken away. Along the manner, they need to co-opt Namgoong Minsoo (track Kang-ho), an addict of a artificial hallucinogen called Kronole, he who designed the security machine, specifically the locking mechanism of the gates between all of the educate cars. As Curtis and his crew attempt to paintings their manner from automobile to vehicle from the tail to the the front, their priorities are inspired with the aid of what they see, what they research, and with the aid of revelations including secrets from their person pasts.

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