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Deep-sea explorer Brock Lovett has reached the most well-known shipwreck of all - the giant. Rising with a safe believed to incorporate a diamond referred to as 'The heart of the ocean', he discovers the safe does now not preserve the diamond but a drawing of a beautiful lady carrying it. When Brock is later interviewed on television, he suggests the drawing to the cameras, and a one hundred-12 months-vintage woman named Rose Calvert dwelling in Michigan acknowledges the lady in the drawing - herself! On a go to to Brock's explorer ship over the smash, Rose tells her story of the titanic and its sick-fated voyage. Engaged to a might-be steel tycoon, Caledon Hockley, she boards the giant's best suites with him and her mom in Southampton. Also boarding are Jack Dawson and his satisfactory buddy Fabrizio De Rossi, after a fortunate poker game wins them tickets in steering. While Rose attempts suicide through leaping off the strict in 1/3-class, Jack pulls her lower back onto the deliver... And a bond is forged between them as Jack is invited by way of her into satisfactory the following day. Rose's mom and Caledon Hockley try determined measures to keep them aside. However that strategy goes out the window while the enormous collides with an iceberg, and because of a design flaw starts to sink - no matter being proclaimed 'unsinkable'. Now Rose and Jack should fight to live alive, however is young Jack already doomed because of his decrease fame as a steering passenger?

Titanic (1997) trailer