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Confronted with existence's merciless irony, the unpredictable testimonies of a nicely-dressed pair of low-stage hitmen; a gangster's statuesque moll, and a double-crossing prizefighter come to be inextricably intertwined, because the small-time crooks, Honey Bunny and Pumpkin, summon up the braveness to hold up their favorite L.A. Diner. Entrusted with retrieving a glow-emitting leather-based suitcase which belongs to their boss--the effective crime kingpin, Marsellus--rather, the darkish-perfect gunmen, Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield, emerge as with a bloody mess. Luckily--with guys like Mr Wolf continually round to handle a crisis--there is time to chill off in an extended twist contest, while on the identical time, the proud champion boxer, Butch, makes the selection of an entire life. Quickly, things will come complete circle, as, once more, Jules and Vincent locate themselves in the best dead-quit situation, precisely where all of it started: an all-too-acquainted cafeteria. Is truth stranger than fiction?

Pulp Fiction (1994) trailer