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Christine McPherson's (Saoirse Ronan's) senior yr of high faculty in 2002/03 is supplied, she the second one of two youngsters of Larry (Tracy Letts) and Marion McPherson (Laurie Metcalf). Outwardly, she hates most factors of her lifestyles. She hates that they have lengthy lived a life of slightly scraping via, their scenario all the worse now as they as a collective are a sufferer of the negative financial system. That monetary fact has brought about Larry recently being laid off, Marion desiring to work double shifts as a counselor at a psychiatric clinic just to maintain their heads above water, and Christine's brother Miguel (Jordan Rodrigues) and his girlfriend Shelly Yuhan (Marielle Scott) transferring again domestic inside the McPhersons' small and already overcrowded house with one toilet now for 5 people. She hates that what her parents have decided to spend on her within their already tight price range is an steeply-priced Catholic personal college schooling at Immaculate heart, solely due to the fact Miguel witnessed long in the past a few violence outdoor Sacramento high school, wherein she would have gone in any other case. At Immaculate heart, she has handiest two pals, equally bad Julie Steffans (Beanie Feldstein), they playing upon their outsider reputation. She hates living in Sacramento, she who is decided to visit a liberal arts university again east, preferably new york city, the use of economic useful resource as opposed to go to a California university consisting of nearby UC Davis, for which she could eligible for an in-country discount in lessons, that alternative already barely low priced. Whether or not she will be able to even get into university is questionable as she has placed little attempt into her faculty work regardless of being shiny, except perhaps in math. But arguably what she hates the maximum is her strained relationship together with her mother, Marion who's usually bad cop to Larry's top cop inside the parenting position. Marion and Christine's strained courting is exacerbated by using each being sturdy willed people. Christine believes that her mother may love her because she has to, however without a doubt would not like her. In now not wanting to take things from her mother out of a natural direction of own family, Christine has determined to rename herself "female hen", something she wants all people to call her any longer. As lady bird is going through some fundamental occasions her senior 12 months - from coming across a new faculty extracurricular pastime which incorporates boys from neighboring St. Francis Xavier, to testing the waters of relationship, viable past love, and the chance of sex, to trying to be part of the in-crowd, to virtually putting a few attempt into her brief term submit-secondary goals - she and Marion can also simplest have a quick time period to specific their proper love for every different, family or now not, earlier than it's too late.

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