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After the survivors' irrevocable blood oath in It (2017)--and nearly three incident-free decades after the blood-soaked come upon with the demonic form-shifter, Pennywise the Dancing Clown--the estranged participants of the Losers' membership discover themselves before a dreadful duty: to go back to Derry and honour their promise. Another time, the brutal murder of an harmless awakens the grisly memories of the beyond, reuniting the vintage band of partners, because the nightmarish monster has come again from the shadows of oblivion to terrorise the small city, reason on revenge and slaughter. Now, whether or not they prefer it or no longer, the now-successful Losers must probe deep into the essential fears in their troubled youth, and summon up the courage to deliver the horrible creature's reign of terror to a near. One final battle awaits Derry's remaining combatants of the supernatural. Will this very last disagreement mark the quit of the Losers club, or will it's the stop of the dreadful element they call IT?

It Chapter Two (2019) trailer