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Alec Bailey is a gambling, womanizing bankrupt electrical repairman who still is traumatized by way of the dying of his twin brother Charlie. Without a penny and almost within the poorhouse, Alec learns he has an uncle, Richard Heacock, brother of his mother, who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Richard offers to solve Alec's money debts with one condition - that Alec actions to and lives in Halifax for a year. Reluctant to the tour however threatened through a violent money collector, Alec accepts Uncle Richard's suggestion. When he arrives in Halifax, he discovers the villagers consider he's "the selected One," a person with the potential to heal all sicknesses. On the equal time, Halifax's nearby Sheriff begins a private campaign against Alec inside the notion that he's a fraud who is dishonest humans. Trapped with the aid of a scenario that little by little overwhelms him, Alec unearths a chum in Cecilia, a adorable local veterinarian. Richard tells Alec his ancestors are a own family of healers with the gift to heal if it is inside the destiny of the anyone to be healed - a gift that skips a technology and need to be general or rejected at nighttime on one's thirtieth birthday. Refusing his gift the next day, Alec meets Abigail, a sassy, worldly and sarcastic 14-years-vintage with terminal most cancers. Trying to persuade Abigail's dad and mom that he can't heal her, Alec accepts Abigail's concept to spend time together over the weekend so that you can break out  days from her overprotective parents. Alec discovers in Abigail a force of nature full of existence and energy at the identical time the feelings among Cecilia and him expand. Alec starts to question himself and the awful decisions in his existence, asking God for a second risk to recover his gift and save Abigail; however, whilst uncle Richard reveals that the present cannot be recovered once renounced, Alec finds a manner to give Abigail the first-rate weekend he can deliver.

The Healer (2017) Trailer