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In a dystopian close to future with absence of resources, people can freely to go into The hole, a vertical underground prison wherein after an interview to test the possible admission, the volunteer passes a decided time in alternate to collect greater social reputation. Hoping to get an permitted title, Goreng wakes up within the degree forty eight to find out The hole's structure: handiest one cellular of 6 meters top (so-so 20 toes) consistent with level with a rectangular hollow in the center in all them, used by The hole's administration to descend a too square floating platform with the food for all prisoners, downing from degree zero (the eating place inside the surface in which meals is cooked) to the bottom, status 2 minutes in line with degree. With veteran Trimagasi as mobile's partner, Goreng learns finally The hollow's essential regulations: 1st, every inmate arrives The hollow with a non-public item to chose from the outdoors; 2d, the inmates cannot maintain meals off the platform below penalty to die by severe heat or bloodless; and third, one time per month all inmates are asleep the usage of fuel for you to trade all them of degree. But while a month later they each wake up within the degree 171, Goreng learns for his horror that all the inmates divide in four kinds: the ones in the upper stages who devour with greater time to think, those inside the mid degrees who consume the rests of the food left within the platform, those inside the decrease degrees whose do not consume after platform arrives empty turning into in demented and starved killers, and sooner or later individuals who jump to the void by means of the hole, crashing in opposition to lower stages to being cannibalized by the savage inmates. Stored to be killed through Trimagasi within the remaining minute with the aid of Miharu, a silent and violent young lady who time and time once more descends inside the platform searching out her missing toddler forced to be inside the hollow, Goreng begins lose his thoughts in an area without morality or humanity, passing from stage 23 to 252 with Imoguiri (Goreng's interviewer and an ingenuous approximately the fact of The hole) as new companion to in the end arrive in level 6 with Baharat as recently associate, who attempts with a rope scaling to degree zero. However Goreng tells Baharat a higher plan to leave The hollow.

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