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Meaning of seeing Stomach in a dream
Stomach dream meaning

 To look at your very own stomach for your dream refers to the beginning of new modifications to your lifestyle. The dream may highlight the difficulties you've got with accepting those changes. It's also indicative of how you could now not tolerate or positioned up with a specific scenario, dating, or individual, as in being capable of "stomach" something. Instead, the stomach is frequently visible as the middle of emotions. Accordingly, the dream may be about the way you technique or handle your feelings.

 To look or contact someone's stomach for your dream suggests that this man or woman is trying to attain out to you. She or he is attempting to attach o you to an emotional stage.

 To dream which you have sticks stuck thru your belly is a pun on sticking to your guts. In case you pull out the sticks, then it the way that you're going in opposition to your intestine instincts.