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Meaning of seeing Butterfly in a dream
Butterfly dream meaning

 To see a butterfly for your dream indicates longevity, creativity, romance, pleasure, and spirituality. You may be experiencing a brand new way of thinking. Or you're present process some kind of transformation. As a substitute, a butterfly refers to your need to relax. You are missing attention on your existence. You tend to be flighty and jump from one thing to another other. Also, don't forget the term "social butterfly" to explain someone popular and outgoing. Possibly you need to be extra outgoing.

 To peer butterflies on your dream represent romance and a protracted and satisfying marriage. In case you see several butterflies in your dream, then it symbolizes attractiveness, increases, notion, and freeness.

 To trap or kill a butterfly shows which you are being too superficial. Instead, the dream refers to your possessive nature. To look like a lifeless butterfly in your dream refers to your unrealized dreams.

 To dream which you are mounting a butterfly on frame symbolizes sexual oppression.