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Meaning of seeing Bury a person in a dream

The meaning of seeing Bury the bones of a living person in a dream

To dream which you bury something shows that you are hiding your true feelings. Or you are trying to cover up a few state of affairs or act. In particular, if you are burying a frame, then it indicates that you are attempting to cover something which you discover repulsive or that others may additionally find unappealing. 

To dream that you are burying a living man or woman signifies emotional turmoil. As an alternative, it suggests that you are being buried by means of issues and stresses of your waking existence.

To dream that you are being buried alive indicates that you are being undermined or stifled in some way. You are feeling trapped or helpless.  

Dreaming which you are burying the bones of a person who's residing way that there are secrets and techniques that this character knows approximately and you are attempting to keep those secrets from popping out.