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Interpretation of underwater breathing in a dream

Interpretation of underwater breathing in a dream

To dream which you are breathing hastily suggests that you are experiencing some tension, tension, or fear concerning a brand new situation on your waking existence.

To dream which you are respiratory underwater represents a retreat lower back into the womb. You need to return to a kingdom where you had been based and loose from duties. Possibly you feel helpless, not able to fulfill your own needs and caring for yourself.  Alternatively, you may be submerged for your personal emotions.

To dream that you can't breathe shows that you are feeling exhausted. Individuals who be afflicted by asthma regularly have goals of not being capable of breathe. 

To dream that someone is respiration into your mouth shows which you want to incorporate aspects of this character inside your personal self. If this character is not alive, then it manner that she or he still lives inside you.