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Interpretation of seeing Heart in a dream
Heart dream meaning

 To see your coronary heart for your dream signifies fact, courage, love, and romance. It's miles representative of ways you are presently dealing with your emotions and expressing your feelings. Also, remember the saying "the coronary heart of the problem" which means that you could need to get right down to the core of a state of affairs before proceeding.

 To look at a winged heart in your dream represents the strength of love and its potential to penetrate through to every person.

 To dream that your heart is bleeding or aching represents desperation, despair, extreme disappointment, and sympathy. You're missing assist or love in some a scenario on your lifestyles.

 To dream which you have a heart transplant or coronary heart surgical operation suggests a massive exchange in your non-public relationship. Possibly you're worried about a rebound courting.

 Dreaming that you are consuming a human heart implies which you are looking to the procedure and understand some emotional issue. You could additionally be looking to fill an emotional void.

 To look or maintain a pink paper heart on your dream represents your vulnerabilities. You're exposing your feelings. Instead, the crimson paper heart is symbolic of an innocent coronary heart.