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Interpretation of seeing the disappearance of things in a dream

To dream that people or objects are disappearing proper before your eyes symbolize your anxieties and insecurities over the perception that  cherished ones might disappear out of your lifestyles. You experience which you can't depend upon anybody and that you'll grow to be alone. You want to work on yourself-image and vanity. 

Rather, to dream that someone is disappearing suggests that you could no longer have given sufficient attention to the ones components/characteristics of that man or woman inside your own self. Have you ever lost contact with a few issue of your self? If your lover is disappearing, then it indicates that your love or interest for them is fading.

To dream that you are disappearing from others approach that you are feeling you're being neglected. You are not being noticed or diagnosed for what is essential to you. Rather, the dream indicates that you are attempting to withdraw from the realities of existence.