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Interpretation of Head vision in a dream
Head dream meaning

 To look ahead on your dream signifies know-how, intellect, understanding, and rationality. It can additionally constitute your accomplishments, self-image, and perception of the world. The dream will also be a metaphor to signify which you are "in advance" in some state of affairs or that you need to get ahead.

 To dream that someone is attempting to tear your head off indicates which you are not seeing a scenario or problem sincerely. Perhaps you're refusing to look the reality. You need to confront the state of affairs or the individual despite the ache and soreness you might sense in doing so.

 To dream that you have two heads implies which you want to learn how to ask for assist and receive assistance. Keep in mind the metaphor "two heads are higher than one". Do not try and do the whole lot yourself.

 To dream that your head is especially heavy or weighing you down manner which you are over-wondering or over-reading a few scenarios. As a result, you are not able to transport ahead.