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Interpretation of a dream of feeling cold air

Interpretation of a dream of feeling cold air

To dream about the air symbolizes creativity and intelligence. If the air is foggy or polluted, then it shows that your notion technique or thoughts is clouded.

To feel cold air in your dream signifies discordance for your home family members and setbacks on your business affairs. You will be in risk of losing touch with reality.

To dream which you are respiration warm air signifies the affect of evil around you.

To dream that you are taking walks on air refers to your carefree and upbeat mind-set. It also indicates self belief; you experience almost invincible. You attain your goals with relative ease. This dream is a variation of a flying dream. As a substitute, the dream can be telling you which you have misplaced grasped of truth.

To dream that you could bend air refers for your ability to control and watch what you are saying. You are cautious in how you pick your phrases.