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Interpretation of seeing Magic Carpet in a dream

To peer a carpet on your dream represents your manner of protective your self from existence's harsh realities. Rather, a carpet symbolizes luxurious, consolation or richness. Don't forget the condition and designs of the carpet and the way it parallels the foundation that you have laid for yourself in existence. Possibly the dream is telling you that you are refusing to confront some difficulty and alternatively are sweeping it below the carpet? 

To dream which you are installing or laying down carpet suggests that you are trying to make your existence more comfortable.  The dream can also be analogous to the planning of some thing. You are laying out  a few new undertaking or endeavor.

To dream of a magic carpet implies your desires and desires to get away from a state of affairs, dating, or duties. The dream is similar to a flying dream, so that you may additionally want to appearance up flying.