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Interpretation of Boss's dream vision

To look your boss in your dream represents the bossy or authoritative facet of your own persona. Your boss might also display self-self assurance and the assertive element of your self. It is telling of your issues of manage and authority. Instead, to look your boss to your dream can also suggest your over-involvement or obsession along with your work. Negatively, the boss to your dream may additionally signify your boundaries and shortage of freedom/originality.

Dreaming which you are in hassle along with your boss is a reminder that there may be better power that you will need to answer to.

To dream that you are scared of your boss shows your worry of authority. You may feel that someone else is walking your existence or dictating what you may and can't do.

To dream that you are having intercourse with your boss signifies your desires for authority and manipulate. You are feeling empowered.

If you are a chairman in your waking existence, then dreaming which you are the boss method that you need to better assert your authority. Instead, dreaming of being the boss is just a mirrored image of the way you pick out yourself. In case you aren't a chairman for your waking lifestyles, however dream that you are, then it way that you need to be on top of things of your destiny. It is time to take price.

Bear in mind also the connection you have got together with your boss. This could offer clues to paintings-related pressure or troubles that want to be resolved.