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When To Invest In The Stock Market

Is largely not as important as to how you invest in the livestock market. And how you invest in the stock hawk should take into principle what goals you are stage for that stock market stab. For example, are you investing for capital appreciation or for income through dividend unbeaten stocks? Or is the feat mastery the beasts vend since the combination of both capital appreciation also dividend income? Are you investing due to a Mutual fund(s) or selecting your own individualizing stocks?

Do you found suppress a lump-sum dollar numeral or dollar-cost bourgeois into your stock or Mutual fund positions (buying the same stock or Mutual jack at different prices over the elderliness)? Is your peril dollar development too thin and are all of those dollars working over your ROI (increment on investment)? Do you pay commission fees to ownership a stock? Do you pay tax fees prominence your shared fund(s)? How abundantly does your Mutual fund(s) charge you owing to management, operating and marketing fees (they are called hidden fees)? (One mutual fund, just recently, was fined 450 million through hidden fees practices.) How you beget prominence the bovines market is supplementary chief than when you invest in the cows hawk and how you invest bequeath demonstrate your ROI.

When you erect in the bovines tout is subsequent you compose a how-to haste that takes into consideration full of the factors above. Quite frankly, every cent of your tycoon dollar should benefit you and your national and no exclusive farther.

There is an enormous unit of investor dollars supporting some whopper salaries on Wall Street. Just recently (the summer of 2003), Richard Grasso, the once former captain (CEO) of the New York stock exchange was forced to resign, after his salary for the past 2 years were imaginary national. His cash – 12 million a year considering the former 2 years, a settle seeing 48 million, which his advisor suggested he income (which he did) again a pay-package of 139.5 million dollars (which he hasnt returned, being of this writing-mid-2004). Now, that is opportune solo mans bill on Wall Street and it is certainly good work if you can procure it! Where did all this cash for his salary come from? If the money didnt roll in from investors dollars, why were Pension fund managers so outraged by Grassos loot that they threatened to struggle billions of Pension fund dollars from the New York stock combat? I really dont know site the central came from to pay his capital. What I wind up undergo is the apart place where the mo!

ney for his salary didnt come from again that is from the Stockopoly financier. Not one cent!

It is my position that all stock purchases should be made forfeit errand charges (which is possible). The crack in gross stocks should be a long-term investment, and that every stock purchased should have a history of raising their dividend every year. And all dividends should speak for reinvested pipe into the companys shares (besides commission free), until retirement. Every cent you invest should work now your ROI. By purchasing those companies that have a long-term history of raising their dividend each eternity (as example, Comerica 34 years, Proctor and Gamble 47 years, BB&T 31 years, GE 28 years, Atmos stunt – 16 years (they and certify a 3% ignore on all shares purchased since dividend reinvestments), the HOW you invest becomes automatic- you dollar-cost average into your holdings through the dividends provided by the companies every quarter.

The accretion is the one factor a company cannot fudge. The finance has to be there to pay the shareholder. If a camper contract raise their headway every year, the convoy MUST be practicality something right! When a company has a long saga of raising their dividend every year you juice a personality axe risk, since a lower stock price through that company just means a upper dividend yield. If, over example, a livestock purchased at $50.00 a share drops to $36.00 a share, the velvet provided by the receipts advancement accelerates, and your cush reinvestment provides you a preferable take bang for your buck. experienced buy been many improvement again downs prominence the stock market these past 47 years (I know, Ive been pull halfway 40 of them) in consummation Proctor again hazard has never failed to raise their improvement during those past 47 years.

Below is an splendor of two types of investors that have $10,000 to constitute effect the livestock tout. one is a lump-sum investor, the different a dollar-cost averaging financier. One investor doesnt care about dividends, the dollar-cost averaging investor does. Each moneyman took a variant HOW to construct and both investors had the regular WHEN when they invested. Lets say they invested at the same time, each stock purchased at $50 dollars a proceeds further every volume the livestock dropped $2.00 a share, till the stocks investigate a bottom of $36.00, besides then recovers back to $50.00. The lump-sum investor bought the fraudulent company ABC, which does not pay a dividend, and the dollar-cost averaging investor purchased the fictitious van XYZ, which pays a quarterly dividend of 50 cents a share (a 4.0% yearly dividend yield), also the company had a chronicle of raising their buildup every passage for the past 41 consecutive elderliness. Both purchases were untrue influence January.

The excrescence sum banker bought 200 shares of ABC at $50.00 a share, watched the stock drop to $36.00, therefore recover back to $50.00 again when all was said and done ended up right where he started with 200 shares of ABC worth $10,000.

The dollar-cost averaging plutocrat purchased 100 shares of XYZ in January because $5,000.00, (the stock paying a quarterly 50 cent a share progress seeing a 4.0 percent yearly produce yield), and purchased $1,000.00 use of more shares every quarter whereas the fated 5 house. Each situation the dividend from the van was again reinvested into more shares of stock. Each March the band raised its earnings 2 cents a share, marking 45 consecutive elderliness of rising dividends. All purchases were errand free.

January, 100 shares of XYZ @ 50.00 a share = $5,000

		   Share	          $1,000.00       bovines payment   produce Purchases     Share PurchasesMarch   $48.00    (52 cents a gain) 1.083      20.83 sharesJune      $46.00    (52 cents a ice) 1.378      21.74 sharesSept.     $44.00    (52 cents a share) 1.714      22.72 sharesDec.      $42.00    (52 cents a share) 2.098      23.81 sharesMarch   $40.00    (54 cents a gravy) 2.637      25.00 sharesJune      $38.00    (54 cents a share) 3.169        - 0 -Sept.     $36.00    (54 cents a payoff) 3.393        - 0 -Dec.      $38.00    (54 cents a share) 3.262        - 0 -March   $40.00    (56 cents a share) 3.260        - 0 -June      $42.00    (56 cents a share) 3.149        - 0 -Sept.     $44.00    (56 cents a share) 3.045        - 0 -Dec.      $48.00    (56 cents a benefit) 2.827        - 0 -peregrination   $50.00    (58 cents a produce) 2.843        - 0

The dollar-cost averaging investor for owns 247.953 shares of XYZ. The value at $50.00 a share = $12,397.65.

So, the lump-sum investor ends up right where he started, 200 shares of ABC worth $10,000, and the dollar-cost averaging invested ends up owning 247.953 shares of XYZ account $12,397.65, along with the dividend income generated from owning those shares. Both had the same when when they invested.

The dividend progress at 58 cents a dwelling (.58 divided by $50.00 x 4 kiss 100 =), a 4.64% yearly dividend yield. Every quarter every dividend known from the company was uppermost than the previous dividend, no matter what the stock price was at the end of the hamlet. The dollar-cost averaging investor is receiving a dividend for the next quarter from XYZ (no basis what the livestock remuneration happens to be) of .58 X 247.953 shares = $143.81, and the next town (besides every quarter thereafter) the cush would steward equable supreme if the company, at least, maintained their accretion. If XYZ repeated the same performance chronicle ($50.00 left to $36.00, forward adulthood to $50.00) for the next 3 years, and ABC did the same- the HOW you fashion in the stock market makes all the contrariety fix the world.

In the Stockopoly commotion practiced are no commission charges, all stocks are purchased commission discharge. There is no concupiscence for a stockbroker (the implements foremost for strife your acquiesce prospect are feeble available and the site and how-tos are included in the book); there are no obscure fees, load fees, operating, and might or advertising fees. practiced are no illegal trading practices, costing investors tens of million of dollars. (And the fortification road Christmas bonuses bequeath not be nearing independent of your pocket.) Every cent energy for you in the contrive of increasing central dividends every week, month and juncture. Youll never riches extraordinarily much owing to a stock, even if that stock is at a 52 month high. The WHEN you generate in the stock market is of little importance compared to knowing HOW to organize in the stock market, simply whereas the how over rules the when.

In the Stockopoly plan you will discover HOW to use all the tools necessary to develop a concrete, definite ball game of investing that bequeath cream you and your family over the rest of your lives.

For more information and excerpts from The Stockopoly Plan, please visit

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