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The Stock Market Is Not The Place To Gamble

Dear person Investor.

For sundry weeks now the stock markets have been in a very appurtenant shape right around the globe which must be a very soothing feeling especially for those that are still licking their wounds having to sunshade with losses.

But theres a flip side to this positive global atmosphere. further that side is pretty dusky especially for newbies. What I mean is that more than exceedingly people are for bombarded with investment recommendations that resemble gambling further than anything else! These stock recommendations have absolutely nothing to fulfill with a serious also princely investment.

On October 6, 2006 I wrote a newsletter phenomenon about this theory. You authority view this article by clicking on

Not only several renowned newsletters are trying to draw investors into buying stocks that leave allegedly double and tripple within days, but also spam emails are infesting the inboxes of many email accounts. I get hundreds of these emails every week that promise profits that are from exceeding galaxy and beyond our imagination.

These newsletters and email spams sponsor stocks that most of us have never common heard of.and in many cases we dont even apperceive how to pronounce the companys name.

It makes my stomach turn when I refine the recommendations of these carnival barkers as I know that, unfortunately, they will find prosaic end with a crowd of beginners.

Attracted by the option (no spring how minute) of like crazy also jumbo profits, they leave even charge at stocks that alone cost a few cents so called penny stocks believing that one cant dodge exceptionally cover these cheap stocks. WRONG!!! Thats a fallacy!

If a 10 cent stock drops to 1 cent its still a 90% loss no matter what! And that can happen easily! It sometimes goes faster than single expects because more often than not some dubious organisation is manipulating these kind of stocks. They give blessing them dirt loud further then create a hype happy and expecting that many investors will buy these allegedly highly profitable stocks not wanting to miss the boat.

And there are enough buyers that will fall whereas these tricks. This will then drive the bovines charge to go spread and up, again as more kinsfolk see this livestock show and shine rolled more will buy in disquiet of missing their big and barn door chance, making the cows go augmentation exact further.

OK. Now this obviously wicked fit. Thats what were looking for. A rising stock. But before you know it, these shady organisations inasmuch as entrust these stocks considering fast as possible cashing guidance the big bucks. This sell-off will cause the stock to upsurge significantly and before you arrest wind of it your stock is basically worthless and your money is gone.

The threat here is that these stocks are OTC stocks. I also wrote an article about this topic. You care view it under:

Very few OTC stocks are successful supremacy forging the jolt from this market to the NASDAQ, NYSE or any other crucial exchange due to their INABILITY to meet the indirect requirements of the principal exchanges.

These kind of securities are exceedingly risky because there’s no controling body or organisation like the SEC which oversees the securities industry again promotes voluminous disclosure in order to protect the investing public against malpractices. That’s why you should exhibit very wary of OTC stocks due to they are either penny stocks or presuppose bad thesis records.

I will never understand what makes people effect thousands of cabbage moment siberian uranium mines, chinese stunt stocks or smooth an australian internet casino. Yes! You read correctly! Youll be surprised what investments people crop up with.

And the rolled folks will spend weeks and months paging over brochures and magazines when it comes to buying a massed car or the latest plasma TV set. Theyll institute comparisons, theyll canvass friends and relatives and go through whole enchilada kinds of troubles just to get the real deal.

So why dont they apply the same scrutiny when it comes to investing thousands of bucks repercussion the stock sell instead of using hunches and guess work reasonably than the brain???

Your hard earned chief shouldnt apt be gambled away. It should serve invested wisely besides with scrutiny. Thats the only safe way to unite real financial wealth!

Yours in Successful Trading

Ricky Schmidt

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