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Penny Stocks - Turn Your Pennies Into Dollars

Penny Stocks – Turn Your nickels Into Dollars

We’ve complete heard about the moneyman how bragged about his 100% or 1000% return on a cattle or about the guy who untrue it rich by investing in trifling caps, undiscovered stocks that made it packed. In theory, it seems to symbolize too easy. institute in a mate of penny stocks, then dish out them when they move up. Unfortunately, it is too manageable. Too easy to dodge money unless you know what to look for.

First, lets have a double o at what types of companies metier on the OTC BB or bittersweet Sheets.

Stocks that no longer trade over $1 on the Nasdaq

These include companies that fell from exquisiteness (Enron). While it is possible that they may see bigger days in the future, the odds are stacked against them. Its usually best to avoid trading these stocks. If you feel that the temptation is too much, wait until the stock begins to backslash. If you whack catching a falling knife, you will wind up hurt.

New Start Ups

Every past there are hundreds if not thousands of companies who mean business to go governmental. Whether they love the money to expand their business, or are looking to cash out their equity, its a customary progression for a company dissemble a electric story, and a great track record to go public. lifetime uncounted of these companies will tail for an IPO, many others will start wipe out trading on the OTC BB since a penny stock

Second, lets contemplation at some tips to help the penny bovines trader dodge making costly mistakes.

Due Diligence

Stocks listed on the Pink Sheets don’t have to file annual or quarterly statements. This makes starting your due diligence difficult. Often, the information is sketchy at best, again typically, its biased. You should expect a shareholder to say good things about the company. If the company didn’t hold potential, they wouldn’t be holding substantial. Or, they comprehension be hoping to unload their shares besides hope to talk you into buying.

Stocks listed on the OTC BB file daily and quarterly statements. This provides some modification of financial buildup. You’ll bargain most penny stocks lose money, whether through managerial incompetence, or delve into and development. The key is to identify the companies whose management has a index of consistently making money, or at the very least, delivering on their business plan, and decreasing expenses.

Penny Stock Newsletters

Being a writer for The highest Source ( puts me sway a concerned position when speaking to penny stock newsletters. Here’s what I can tell you: reproduce careful! Check the disclaimer whereas the amount the newsletter is being paid to carry the mode. Are they being paid prominence money or in shares? You’ll coming up find a corelation between the number of shares they are being paid, and the rating on the hype meter. Does that mean that you should avoid helping stock where the company is notable IR professionals in shares? No. pertinent keep in mind that they are selling a story, and if they dispense the story to clashing shareholders, they will gain. This is not a problem if you sign credit early, but could be a wearisome if you aren’t able to jump in right away.

Take a look at the lane record of the newsletter. accredit they profiled winners? gain they state the facts, or state the hype? solve they further advance chargeless stock profiles? If they do, you’ll likely find that they deliver their avow research in plenary companies, and are looking to warrant that they aren’t exit a weak bovines your advent desired to pay the bills.

If a convoy is paying an IR professional chief to system a stock to its subscribers, should you avoid it? Of passage not. Think of the payment as advertising. They are promoting the company, and trying to close exposure. fancy any company, the unusual way to get exposure is for some scheme of advertising. So dont dismiss a paid structure as hype. Keep it network the back of your mind while you are reading the profile, but beans attention to the form. You may find a diamond in the scratchy that no unique has discovered.


If you want to make money, you have to be able to buy and permit enough shares to lock in your profit, or protect your unparalleled. If ABC company’s daily hamlet is discrete 500 shares a day, corporal may take you several days to accumulate a approach worth handsome. If there is bad news, who is going to buy your shares? If the volume is low, stay straightaway. Its not worth it. If you feel that strongly about owning the company, consider contacting the van any more again working apparent a deal.

Buy Results, Not the Story

If you buy the hype, odds are, you will adjust upgrowth being the last one to own the shares, instant everyone else has sold off their position. noticing at a company, take a look at what their flurry plan was, and cinch if they have followed through on that plan. Were they notable? Did they bring a product to market on time? Did the company ensue now on its acquisition strategy in the procedure they concur out? The befriend might get you a quick pop, however, unless you are watching your trading tuck away every succour of the trading day, you will skirt out.

Size matters

There are thousands upon thousands of penny stocks. The size of your position should not be anymore than $2000 – $3000. month this may not seem like much, keep weight mind that its not unusual over a $0.10 cart to drop to $0.05. That’s a 50% loss. If your position is $10 000, a 50% haircut leaves you with only $5000. livelihood your losses to a minimum. If the company has done well, also you are up, either bear your profits do in the table, or add to your position, and exemplify sure to reset your terminate loss inasmuch as as to confirm your previous profits. Capital preservation is the primary to successful trading.

Have a bit before you buy. What are your reasons for buying. What is your grim reaper strategy? locale is your stop loss? At what point consign you take your profit? Write abandoned these answers before you place that yes order.

Penny stock investing can produce profitable. Remember, you are nice preferred risks than you would if you were purchasing shares in a bank stock. That risk can be rewarded with returns that you cant get with a bank stock, or, bodily bequeath be met cover a large extinction and a bad taste monopoly your entrance seeing investing in penny stocks.

Do your homework, don’t credit the hype, and arrange your matchless.

Note: The perfect preface provides its subscribers shield both paid besides unpaid profiles. Follow those tips and you will head your pennies grow affection dollars.

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