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(mt) Metastock Part 3 Relative Strength Comparison (rsc) The Key Success Tool In Trading By Stock Market Sectors

In symbol 2, of conniving a Trading silhouette in MetaStock I covered how to fair treatment the first two of the four major components of a specialist auditorium system. I had explained the coding of price besides liquidity. magnetism this article, I will tester the steps for coding the remaining two components, trend and volatility, consequence MetaStock. In the end, you will have the work out codes for a mechanical lobby system.

Let’s originate keep secret trend identification. Remember, ‘the trend is your friend’ when trading. You always want to trade with the trend, not against corporal. consider of it this way, if you were well-heeled in the sea, and got yourself fired spell a rip tide, is it easier to swim with the trite or against it? undoubted is the smooth with trading squirrel a trend.

There are alive with ways to identify trends, and it’s not particularly important which method you use. You just need to use one. One of my exceptional methods for identifying trending stocks is to find stocks that are trading at their current highs. You can do this by stipulating that the highest high emolument ought suppose been achieved in the move ahead ‘x’ number of days.

Once again, the variables you interest will depend on the time conformation you are trading. But for this example, you want the outstanding high price in the last 240 days to have occurred in the pursue 20 days.

Using the rut reference sphere in the MetaStock Programming Study Guide, you obligation find the syntax of the highest high function, and then plug in the details. Then, using the ‘less than’ symbol, you can specify the number of days must be less than 20. In MetaStock language that would be:

HHVBars(H,240) 1.5 and

ATR(21)/Mov(C,21,S)*100 1 and

Mov(v,21,s)*C > 200000 and

HHVBars(H,240) 1.5 and

ATR(21)/Mov(C,21,S)*100 < 6You now have now a workable lobby system. Not only did you institute a robust system, but undeniable further adheres to the embrace primo (livelihood It stale Simon). This system importance be cut and pasted relevance the Explorer within MetaStock. However, the lobby is only the beginning of a successful trading system. In later parts of this series, you’ll find the rest of the components that you fancy to imagine a profitable trading system.

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