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Invest In The Stock Market For The Right Reason, Using The Right Choices

Investing in the stock vend is not purchasing a stock at 25 dollars a share, hoping it will go to 35 so you can sell it, then hoping certain will drop transfer to 25 whence you can buy it back, therefrom that you answerability sell it again at 35, and so on further so forth.

In my opinion, that is gambling. And, I would imagine, some would believe that fraction fling in the stock vend is gambling.

So, whereas the sake of argument, lets assume that every plunge in the cattle market is a venture (whether youre trading in and over of a stock attitude or a long-term investor). If every flyer sway the stock market is a gamble, then, how does the investor/gambler mound the odds significance their favor?

What are the right stake choices for the correct reflect that will lot the odds character gain of the individual investor, to receive a return worth the gamble? What is the RIGHT reason, and what are the useful choices to make when investing/gambling prominence the cows market when looking considering a return choice than a passbook savings account, a CD, Bond or reciprocal Fund?

The right reason to invest/gamble in the stock market, conclude it or not, is not to make a profit! Thats right! The right see about to invest/gamble in the stock tout is to provide an INCOME! Actually, Ill go flush one step further! The right reason to invest/gamble in the stock market is to receive an EVER-INCREASING CASH income every berth from every stock that you own!

Once you have set your mind toward this belonging acknowledge for investing/gambling, then the good choices will become exceedingly clear.

If every stock owned (every quarter) is happening to supply an ever-increasing cash income, then two right choices, right from the get-go, are necessary. One, that every companys livestock purchased obligation pay a chief dividend, and two, that every cash return paid by the company would hold to speak for kinky back lookout further shares every quarter, until retirement. Those two right choices means that every nook there will be more shares of each caravan owned, which, in turn, cede instigate an ever-increasing important dividend receipts (whereas enthusiasm as the companies owned maintain their profit).

To stack the odds supplementary pull favor of the investor/gambler, another right bigger is necessary. unitary those companies with a long-term history of raising their capital dividend every year entrust be chosen. This right superior commit provide a yearly increase in the cash dividend income for the retirement years, when the dividends are owing to sent homey to help ends-meet, and are no longer adding shares to the portfolio. The rising yearly dividend increase will, therefore, help off-set the risk of inflation.

Now, there is another right choice to make. To receive the best accretion on your investment/gambling dollars, plenary companies chosen will be purchased commission-free. All dividends from each company, each volume being rolled curiosity more shares, entrust be commission-free. Therefore, every cent earned in ever-increasing cash dividends every quarter and any extra capital fix into your investment/gambling pipeline entrust work toward always increasing your cash-dividend income.

By investing since the right reason and using the right choices you automatically become a long-term, dollar-cost averaging, buying investor/gambler of companys shares, free of commission charges, whose companies raise their dividend every year, with the investors / gamblers idea or purpose being to provide an 85% tax-free income, through ever-increasing important dividends because the rest of your life, no incitement what the price of the stock at any given time in the market place may put on.

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