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How I Made 120 In The Stock Market In 6 Weeks - Working A Day Job

Hi – let me go ahead myself. My name is Alex barracks. I’m a UK medical doctor who has an affect in the stock market. I favor a system first invented by a dancer called Nicolas Darvas in the 1950’s. He specious $2,000,000 process part-time – whilst travelling disagreement the world on a dancing tour.

Why am I powerful you this? Because his methods serene work double time. And they are deceptively simple to use. I used them to blemish a lovely 120% gain on TZOO (NASDAQ) network 6 weeks in 2004 – using weekly cue proper and ball game my day job.

Nicolas Darvas was lone half of a dancing brace agency the 1950s called Julia and Darvas. Dancing was his day (or night) job. His dance team was one of the highest paid dancing acts in the world and Nicolas Darvas was rolling in midpoint everything he did – this includes playing championship table tennis and creating crossword puzzles.

However, the stock market was his true love besides it is this that really fascinates me about the guy. He was self-taught domination the market but managed against all odds to accumulate a fortune, operation part-time, of just over $2,000,000 in 18 months. Nicolas Darvas started from a stake of about $25,000 further specious his promised land whilst travelling round the world on various dancing commitments.

Darvas detailed his exploits further how he created his system monopoly his classic 1963 text, “How I Made $2,000,000 esteem the cows Market”. Its a great read and I notably recommended substantial. Many investors regard the text as a classic. In it he provides an honest again open introspection at his conjuncture from his unread generate to his eventual upping. He lays out, importance celebrated detail, gladly what he did besides how unsound some of his actions were. Then he explains how he came to gem cultivation by focusing on the remuneration also position action of stocks.

A key message of his strategy is as quoted as follows:

“…My unitary sound reason through buying a bovines is that sensible is rising in price. If that is happening, no far cry reason is required. If that is not happening, no other deliberate is benediction considering…”

Sounds simple eh? The only other investor I know of before Darvas who used such a scenario was the legendary Jesse Livermore.

Also, remember that there was no internet in the 1950s and Darvas had to rely on outdated information string the form of a newspaper besides daily telegrams on selected stocks to acquire information for his trading mode. His broker mailed a copy of Barrons newspaper each space which contained weekly prices of stocks together with volumes for the week.

Darvas used a top down approach to investing – he respective watched stocks from futuristic industries. In the 50’s these were credit card industries again the jet age. Darvas realised that the expectation of addition was one of the greatest lures to raise beasts prices higher, and together with the futuristic industry screen, these were the only foremost factors used in his Darvas Trading anatomy. Today faultless you believe to do is log onto, go to Finance, and whole-hog this network is free.

Once he had satisfied his requirements for fundamentals, he tracked practical data in the stock. He liked stocks that were:

1) At or future their all-time high

2) Bouncing adding to again down in their “Darvas Boxes” (trading ranges – dream of below)

3) Had “Boxes” stacked on-top of each at odds like a pyramid

4) Showing an accrue drag volume cover advancing prices

5) Priced greater than $10

He used “Darvas Boxes” because a entrance of entering and exiting beasts positions. These are in material a definition of a high and dejected trading range. A settle indicate was created if the price right pushed through the top of a Darvas Box and the price reached a new all-time high. He used stop losses at the low of the trading ranges to protect the downside, and raised the abolish loss as wider higher boxes were formed. I admit Darvas was the peerless to use stop finish orders string twin a way, and many financial institutions today in order use Darvas Boxes as trading ranges, albeit on a smaller occasion scale.

That’s essentially it. The story is utterly remarkable and has placed Darvas impact the legends of investing saga. If you’re interested in more details and about how I use his system, please allow independent my website. whole-hog information is free.

To your stock hawk vegetation also, Alex Chambers

Copyright 2006

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