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The art of deception

The Art Of Deception

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In this day and age it's not just the scammers out there that one has to be weary of. In the wonderful world of online marketing it seems that deception is much more prevalent that one might think. Who's being targeted? Why the newbie of course. There are many ways in which one can be deceived but the most popular is by affiliate programs or business opportunities.

Can you remember back when you were just starting out as an entrepreneur or maybe you're in this position right now. You were told all you have to do is just promote the product by sending people to the affiliate site. Well to give them credit many times this may be your customized version of the site which just really appends a user name or code to the end of the site like

This is all fine and dandy except it breaks the number one rule of internet marketing which is "To make money over and over you have to build your own list". Say what; build my own list.....why do I need to do that you may ask. It's because 80% of all money made is done thru back end sales. What you should be told is to create a site or better yet setup an auto responder to catch the contact info. of everyone interested in your product or offer.

By doing this it allows you to build your own mailing list of which you can market any number of offers to at will. This is the only way to build an income substantial enough to quit your day job. You collect the prospects info. first and then send them onto your affiliate mother site. Then in a few weeks time you can follow up with a series of messages to coerce them into becoming a paid client. Better yet you will be able to market many such similar products to your list over time making you the big earner not product owner. After all it's your hard work that got the contact interested in the offer to begin with so you should be the one to make long term gains.

In being fare I have to say there have been a few affiliate sites that actually does provide you with the correct information up front so you are off to a correct start and not just building someone else's list.

So by those of you out there that purposely do not inform your new affiliates of the benefits of building their own lists are you taking advantage of these affiliates or do you believe it's up to them to know the correct path to earning a living on the net? Think about it, not saying something sometimes makes you just as guilty as purposely misleading others.

Well that's my two cents on the subject. Now that I have enlightened some of you and made others really mad I think I'll go and send this message to one of my list.