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How s your luck

How s your luck

Hows Your Luck?

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I was on the Oxford to Witney bus the other evening, on the way back from a really fun day trip to London. I was with my partner, Jackie and we where both exhausted after the long day of walking around the shops of our beautiful capital city.

As we were sat there in the bus, I heard a young guy speaking to his friend about his cousin. He was saying how lucky his cousin was to be able to fly between England and Germany to work for a multinational clothing brand on the companies very own jet. He was explaining that his cousin was so lucky, because he had his dream job.

This got me thinking about what I wanted to share with you today!

Many of you that have read Self-Change Hypnosis will know of the little plaque that Jackie gave to me when I qualified all those years ago as a Hypnotherapist. Here are my two favourite verses from it,

No one can keep you from dreaming, only you can make them come true.


Dont leave things up to fate its strictly down to you!

So here is the bottom line the success or failure that you have experienced thus far in life is not a result of good or bad luck, but is down to you creating it!

People like Richard Branson and Bill Gates arent successful because they are lucky. They are successful because they built their success!

And it is the same for failures!

Well maybe it is not 100% the same. A lot of the time failure occurs as success is not an option that we believe in. I have a lot of friends that have doubts that they can succeed in certain areas of their lives! This is what leads them to failure.

When I started to training in Hypnotherapy, we scrimped and saved so that we could get the cash together to pay for my tuition. At that point I had to clear all my limiting beliefs that I would fail, and make it that, success was my only option. Now I havent achieved as much as Richard Branson, however I have achieved the life in which I am both contented in the present and excited about the future.

Sometimes success can be daunting and can seem impossible to achieve! This is where well-formed outcomes come in to play. Cut your big goal up into loads of little sub-goals! Get a large sheet of paper and write your goal on the top and then dissect it into your sub-goals! You may find that for one big goal you have hundreds of easily achievable sub-goals that will make your road to success less bumpy!