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How preselling strategies work

How preselling strategies work


How Preselling Strategies Work

Preselling, as defined by affiliate marketing experts, is simply the art of conditioning potential customers and making them more likely to buy [your] products or services. All presell techniques has one goal to get your prospects into a particular frame of mind where they will feel not only comfortable about making a purchase but also has the desire to do so.

Usually, this good art of conditioning is done at your website. Afterwards, you send that visitor over to the vendors store or landing page.


Basically, sales strategies are painstakingly built on months (sometimes years) of contact with the prospects. The main purpose in the old days was to establish trust and rapport with your prospects.

However, in an online relationship today, that history of prior contact with prospects is not essential anymore in effective preselling. Your visitors will be your friends after interacting with them in your blog or email newsletter.


One can do pre-selling just as well when you have a reputation as an expert in a specific field. One particularly important part of preselling is how you present your information.

In online transaction, information should be delivered in a way that subdues doubt while at the same time putting the prospects mental state in a ready-to-buy mode.

Product info

By nature, all the features and specifics of the product are highlighted and elucidated in the vendors website. Your job of preselling the product should go beyond what is already written and discussed.

Your duty is to bring out complementary information or something first-hand about the product, aspects and specifications that are not found in the vendors site. This is done by way of reviews or product comparison.

Product use

Another very strong presell tactic is promoting the use of the product in a new light or approach. New ways, new methods, new uses all involving the product can be discovered if you do a thorough study on your own.

Customers will buy something when they can use it right away to achieve a desired result. The new ways your product can be used can trigger the buying impulse, even if they know the product fairly well enough.

Giving the blueprint

People are naturally more inclined to buy something they can use immediately to bring about their desired result. Sometimes, acquiring a product makes them hesitant because they still have to find some way to get value out of it.

The reason is that most products are not ends in themselves, but rather they (or most of them) were developed as a means to acquire specific benefits.

Giving them the blueprint outright makes your visitors go for the product because they would want to put to use whatever it is they learned.


Another excellent preselling tool would be offering tips on some other market research methods, and make sure how your product is superior to others.

Reviews, comparative articles and blogs are some of the nice places where to insert this preselling tool.

Last words

In all these preselling techniques, always remember to never let preselling become a sales pitch. As had been said by affiliate marketing experts, preselling is NOT selling.