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How open social will improve search engine rankings



How Open Social Will Improve Search Engine Rankings

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Googles Open Social and How it Will Revolutionize Search Engine Optimization Services. The social networks are becoming very popular not only for every day college kids, but also for businesses. Right now businesses are starting to enter in this network to discover there target markets and increase their business online success.

Find out how you can use Googles Open Social, along with other social networks, to improve your search engine rankings.

If you have been following the social network arguments and inner moves among Google, Facebook and Microsoft, then you should have realized how important social networks are these days. People are flocking social networks; search engines, as well as other online companies saw the big potential of harvesting more user trending information from them, as well as the monetary benefits that come from posting advertising text or banners on them.

The Open Social move by the search engine giant, Google can bring about great benefits to online users and programmers. Web social application developers say that it is a great move for Google to open different social networks, and share applications among them. Others say that is very similar to the Open ID service and would greatly benefit users who wish to migrate or transfer their content from one social site to another. While others laud this achievement, others also see that this might be Googles response to the Microsoft and Facebook advertising tandem which is strongly gaining ground in social networking, in fact it has passed the stage of being just another hype; it is now THE trend. Through it all however, Open Social will surely become another milestone in Search Engine Optimization Service.

Google has already been in talks with some social networks to fulfill the Open Social requirements, like Myspace, Friendster and LinkedIn. Google is hoping that this will spread like wildfire to other big social networks, with Facebook probably first in line. Google is starting another big revolution; right after it has stirred not just "ripples", but "waves" online with its pioneering campaign on Adsense. Theres always something great to expect from Google these days. Open Social will definitely be another crowd drawer that can improve search engine rankings.

The Open Social API will provide developers the capability to create working applications that can be used on different social networks, which greatly spell another move to entice other social sites to join in the Google bandwagon. This will certainly change the way social networks function, and will greatly create a whole new impact on search engine optimization services, focused entirely on the social network hype. In another point of view, this will invite a lot of application developers to swarm social networks where they can freely use the Google API to create and reshape different ideas, thus making social networks far more potent networking tools.

The Open Social move will revolutionize online social networks, and will aid in centralizing a typical users Google account data across different social networks, allowing for faster access or sign-up. This is apparently a GREAT thing to expect from Google that will have big benefits for web developers and users alike.