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3 tips to building a responsive list

3 Tips To Building A Responsive List

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I just bought a product after being on a list for over two years. I hadn't spent one red cent with this guy for two years, but like clockwork, his e-mails just kept coming.

Day after day after day. Week after week.

I finally gave in and purchased his product recently (it's in a field WAY outside marketing).

Why did I stay on his list for so long? And why did I finally pony up the cashola for his product?

It's because he had taught me to respond. Just like he taught everyone on his list to respond.

How did he do it? Lucky for you, I'm a sharing guy.

Here are three things he did to build a responsive list...

1. He Built Rapport With His Readers

2. He Created Excitement And Anticipation

3. He Expanded His Line Of Products

Let's look briefly at each one

1. He Built Rapport With His Readers

The guy told stories. He made it personal. Over the two years, I got to know him through his emails. And here's the clincher...

I look forward to getting his emails! Even though I get hundreds a day, I read his