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3 key challenges to reduce homework time and stress what parents can do

3 Key Challenges To Reduce Homework Time and Stress - What Parents Can Do

Tips on how parents can help their children with their homework and stay calm, when they have attention and/or vision issues.

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Parents have asked us why homework takes their child 2, 3 and even 4 times longer than their peers and what they can do about it. This article defines the 3 key issues and what parents can do about it. Students key issues often include:

1- Attention is a major problem, both in class and while doing homework
2- They often have one or more vision issues too often these students eyes are either: not working together; skipping words or lines when reading; or they have difficulty copying off the board
3- They become tense when doing homework and often lose it

When a student has trouble paying attention in class, they often must be re-taught the information at home. What makes matters worse is that the students homework time which should have taken 45 minutes gets stretched to 1 and hours due to re-teaching, and then to over 2 hours because they cannot stay focused.

Vision issues impact their homework in several ways:
1- They have trouble copying the notes off the board correctly and you spend


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